September 2022 Product Exclusive

Introducing Probiotic Skincare

Introducing BAK: an effective, microbial product line that is natural, organic and free from preservatives and perfumes. The products are chemical-free and good for the planet. Select from: BAK Serum for Acne Prone Skin, for face and body, balances the natural skin bacteria without irritating or over-drying, 71% of participants saw an improvement in clinical trials. | BAK Prebiotic Cleanser leaves skin cleansed, soft and ready for other BAK products, for all skin types and everyday use. | BAK Oil for Redness, for face and body, balances the skin biome, soothes and improves hydration. | BAK Day Care Oil balances the skin biome, resulting in calmer, softer and stronger skin. Please refrigerate all products for maximum efficacy.

September Only: Ready to purchase in-office or curbside pick-up for your convenience. Click here to watch Dr. Pennoyer and Liane Gentile sharing information about BAK.

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