Rashes / Allergies

The most common rashes are a result from adverse reactions to medications, ingredients in a lotion or shampoo, metals, or even food.  Some rashes will only go away if treated by a Dermatologist. These types of rashes include severe forms of common rashes such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and Rosacea. Please note, the longer you’ve had a rash, the more likely you need to see a Dermatologist.

While a rash that has been only present for a few days will usually go away on its own, you should visit us if you experience pain, rapid swelling causing shortness of breath, bleeding blisters in the mouth or eyes, skin that is rapidly turning dusky or black, and large amounts of peeling skin.

Treatments Available
Some rashes are chronic, or long-term, requiring regular check-ups to keep them under control.

To learn more about available treatments: Request an appointment.

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