Removal of Facial Capillaries / Intense Pulsed Light
When a facial capillary breaks, it can result in red or blue lines. The broken capillaries are not harmful and can be eliminated through specialized laser treatments. They are commonly caused by dry and sensitive skin, which tends to be thinner and more fragile. Genetic factors play a role, as do activities that are abrasive to the skin such as washing with harsh cleansers and exposure to extreme heat or cold, and facial massage. Other contributing factors include hormonal changes that result from pregnancy, puberty, menopause and birth control pills cause strain on capillaries. Frequent ingestion of stimulants such as caffeine, spicy foods, certain drugs and alcohol are also risks. Rosacea, a skin condition that causes facial capillary dilation, is another common cause.

Intense Pulsed Light refers to a non-laser, broadband, light treatment using energy in the visible and near-infrared light spectrum. IPL also improves skin texture, often reducing pore size and fine lines. It is the only effective option to improve redness and flushing from rosacea, as medications do not affect these symptoms. It is not for deeply pigmented skin. Dr. Pennoyer regularly updates her equipment to deliver the most state of the art lasers and light based therapies.

IPL is a no-downtime treatment to improve red and brown discolorations. We will supply detailed instructions for post-treatment care such as soothing preparations. Please note that care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated area. If nose and cheek areas are treated, swelling under the eyes is possible for a few days. You may use make-up as long as skin is not broken.

For blistering or crusting an antibiotic of choice may be used. Plan to avoid hot baths or aerobic exercises for 24 hours. You should not have sun exposure following treatment for 2 weeks, and should plan to use sun block for unavoidable sun exposure.

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