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A Scientific Approach to Beauty.

Reality-based skincare

There are so many skincare products on the market that promise a miracle in a jar. And if some of the claims seem just too good to be true—it’s because they are.

Pennoyer MD Skin Science® is solely based on cutting edge ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective and safe. As a board certified Dermatologist who specializes in matters related to skin health, Dr. Pennoyer has the expertise to evaluate which ingredients have been validated by scientific data and truly deliver results.

Pennoyer MD Skin Science is her skincare “dream team” that can make healthy skin a reality. The line represents the most ideal products that she recommends to her patients to protect and treat a vast array of skin conditions.

Skincare to a higher degree

The Pennoyer MD Skin Science line supports Dr. Pennoyer’s overall treatment approach, and contains only those ingredients that have scientific evidence to support their claims.

These ingredients are used at higher levels and in more advanced delivery systems than what is available from traditional, prestige beauty products. The ingredients are also used in synergistic combinations that provide for optimal results.

Smart beauty through science

Pennoyer MD Skin Science products are divided into 4 categories: CLEANSE, PROTECT, FORTIFY and RENEW. These are the essential steps that should be part of a daily regimen.

The Pennoyer MD Skin Science packaging is color-coded to reflect these categories: periwinkle for cleansers, yellow for protection, rose for fortify, and sage green for renewal

In addition to the full product line, there are also some potent peels that can be performed in the office by our esthetician which brighten, calm, refine or revitalize the skin. Each peel also includes a comprehensive home care kit, which extends and optimizes the therapeutic benefits.

For an overview of all products listed by skincare concern, please click here for a downloadable menu.

Professional skincare makes housecalls

Pennoyer MD Skin Science is available exclusively in our office or on our website. You can purchase most products online for your convenience.

Please set up a consultation with our esthetician to learn more about the line and which products are right for you.

And please check our website and YouTube for product tutorial videos that will help you to use the products in the correct way and solve your skin care issues.

Additional products and categories will be added throughout the year.