Pennoyer MD is proud to be the only local practice to offer Glo2Facial.

Glo2Facial™ is a breakthrough treatment that works in 4 steps. There is no downtime and there are seven customizations available that are formulated with natural, highly effective botanical ingredients to target specific concerns. Glo2Facial™ uses proprietary technology to deliver oxygen to skin, followed by exfoliation, topical product application using ultrasound, and lymphatic drainage to give skin an immediate glow.

Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles: Glo2Facial’s patented Oxygenation technology acts as a catalyst to increase the body’s oxygen levels naturally, allowing for deeper absorption of active ingredients throughout the entire treatment. The Oxfoliation is further amplified with LUX, a lite ultrasound experience, and detoxed via lymphatic massage for clean, calm and naturally hydrated skin.

Glo2Facial is ideal for instant brightening and rejuvenation.  It can be performed monthly.

To learn more about available treatments or to schedule an appointment, please complete the form below or call the office at 860.243.3020.

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