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Chemical peels have long been used as skin rejuvenation procedures. If performed correctly, chemical peels can safely address many common facial concerns, including wrinkles, uneven skin coloration, and a dull complexion. Chemical peels have also been found to be a powerful complement to other skin treatment options in what is known as combination therapy. Pennoyer Dermatology offers myriad types of peels that treat a wide range of issues. All patients are given a take home kit of complimentary products which aid in after-care, and prolong the treatment benefits.

Please note: the chemical peels performed at Pennoyer MD are medical grade and far more efficacious than those performed at spas/salons.

A chemical peel involves the application of medical acids to remove the damaged skin layers in order to produce more youthful appearance. A healing response to the peel can also trigger new collagen formation so the skin appears tighter and more elastic. The peels can be performed on the face, as well as on other body areas such as the chest, shoulders and arms to eliminate lines, freckles, or age spots. Patients with more extensive sun damage on the legs can also be treated with chemical peels.

Depending on the severity of the problem the peel is designed to address, you can often see results immediately with little or no recovery necessary.

Learn more about the Pennoyer MD Peel Bar.

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