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Nutrafol® Strand Defender Conditioner


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Improve elasticity and overall hair health.

What It Is

A lightweight, physician-formulated conditioner with natural ingredients that provides multi-layer protection to strengthen the hair cortex and reinforce the cuticle to defend against damage. Clinically shown to replenish moisture and improve elasticity so hair stays strong, smooth, and healthy.

What It Does

  • Defends hair against damage
  • Replenishes hair elasticity and moisture
  • Strengthens for improved hair health

Who It’s For

Damaged hair that lacks elasticity and is more prone to breakage and splitting, making hair appear dry, frizzy, and frayed. Since hair is not a living tissue, it cannot be repaired once it’s damaged. Color-treating hair, using sulfate-based shampoos, wet brushing, heat styling, and the environment can harm the hair’s protective outer cuticle, leaving the inner layers (including the cortex) more vulnerable to damage.

How to Use

After shampooing, apply a dollop of conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. Leave for at least 2 minutes and rinse.

Free From

Silicones, sulfates, hormones, drugs, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance.

Scalp Microbiome Support pairs with daily Hair Growth Nutraceuticals as your foundation for targeting root causes of hair thinning from within. Scalp Support rounds out your hair wellness regimen by providing balance directly at the scalp and defending your hair as it grows.


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