October 2020 Treatment Exclusive

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Laser Hair Removal treatments offer permanent hair reduction and/or reduce ingrown hairs/folliculitis.
Please note: Since white hair has no pigment to absorb the light energy from the laser, it won’t eliminate blond or white hairs. For the 4 weeks prior to treatment, you should not tan, have electrolysis or wax. You should also not use Retin A or AHA for 3 days prior, shave for 2 days prior or use Accutane during the 2 months prior. It is suggested that testing be done initially to gauge reaction. Usually, 3–6 sessions are needed.

October Only: Purchase a special package of (5) Laser Hair Removal sessions, and receive 25% off.  Consult must be done in October 2020.  Please note that 4-6 sessions are typically required.

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