February 2019 Product Offer


Get your glow on for Valentine’s Day!  Just pick your favorite Skin Science pad:

Sensitive Skin Exfoliator Pads which provide a gentle, once-weekly exfoliator for sensitive complexions  and also enhance penetration of other cosmetic ingredients.

Maximum Potency Glycolic Exfoliating Solution Weekly Pads which dramatically smooth skin while enhancing delivery of the active ingredients and correct dullness, dark spots and fine lines/wrinkles. [In-office purchase, only.]

Date Night Illuminating Pads which brighten pigment, even skin tone and moderately exfoliate. [In-office purchase, only.]

February Only: Pick-Your-Pad and Receive 20% Off.

Reward yourself with every Skin Science purchase.
Your purchase is eligible for inclusion in the Pennoyer MD Privileges rewards program.

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