VirtueRF is the world’s first RF microneedling product, and Pennoyer MD is one of the first local practices to offer this treatment. With the use of a variety of handpieces, Virtue RF can deliver maximum versatility, better and safer results, reduced treatment times, and more customized treatments.

The SmartRF handpiece uses Robotic Precision Delivery (RPD)  and its 36 gold-coated needles are precisely delivered at a specified depth to provide immediate results with continued improvement over time and a virtually pain-free, zero downtime treatment.

Only the VirtueRF pairs every treatment with the most innovative sheet mask technology available – the Microcurrent Dual Face Mask system. This two mask system soothes skin and eliminates redness. After the VirtueRF treatment, a wet Enriching Mask infused with antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties is applied to the skin. To activate the Enriching Mask, overlay a second dry Empowering Mask that uses patented Tissue X™ technology to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin with an ion-induced current.


You can double the results you can achieve with the CoolPeel technology by using it in tandem with Virtue RF, newest RF microneedling product, to maximize results in a single session.  When used in combination, these two treatments target both the dermis and epidermis without any additional downtime.

The VirtueRF is the first RF microneedling product that offers the versatility for every patient.  The SmartRF handpiece delivers 36-gold tipped needles into the skin with absolute precision while heat energy is evenly distributed at the exact depth and pulse duration. Full face treatments take about 25-30 minutes, are virtually pain-free and offer zero downtime.

CoolPeel delivers a fully-ablative treatment without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissue, which means virtually no downtime while still achieving impressive superficial, skin-resurfacing results.

When used together, The Dynamic Duo stimulates collagen production at both the superficial and deep levels of the skin without any incremental downtime. The VirtueRF microneedling provides deep collagen remodeling and rejuvenation while the CoolPeel produces a superficial injury by delivering high energy in extremely short-pulses. The Dynamic Duo delivers impressive anti-aging results with superficial skin resurfacing plus the immediate and continually improving results of deeper collagen stimulation. This duo targets sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and overall skin tone and texture.

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